Штатив Velbon Ultrek UT-43D обзор – видео

Travel Tripod With Hidden Talents: Velbon UT-43D II Travel Tripod Review

There are a plethora of compact tripods designed to fit in a backpack for travelling, but as we all know most of them are junk.

Velbon Ultrek UT-43D Tripod

Velbon Ultrek UT-43D Tripod For more information please visit our website: www.intro2020.co.uk.

Velbon Ultrek UT-43D

Produktové video stativu Velbon Ultrek UT-43D.

Velbon UT-53D tripod

I just got the Velbon UT-53D traveller series tripod in my hands and I thought it would be nice to make a small video for this ...

Velbon Ultrek UT-53Q Travel Tripod review

Quick review of the wonderful Velbon Travel tripod, the Ultrek UT-53Q.

Velbon UT Series

Extraordinary compact & Outstanding taller tripods are now coming up!! New innovations in the 2-section center column and ...

Tripod Velbon CX-888 black unboxing and review

Tripod Velbon CX-888 black unboxing and review.

The Velbon M43 tripod for mirrorless cameras

In this video I introduce the new Velbon M43 tripod. A budget friendly but quality tripod for use with lighter entry level DSLR's and ...

Velbon UT 43D

A compact and lightweight 6-section photo tripod.

Lume Cube, Velbon UT-43D II and Tamrac Apache 6.2 Unboxing

In this video I unveil the super powerful Lume Cube pocket lights, the super compact Velbon UT 43D ii travel tripod and the super ...

Velbon QHD-43D - огляд штативної головки / unboxing tripod head Velbon

Velbon QHD-43D - огляд штативної головки / unboxing tripod head _ Мiй канал пiдписуємося: ...

Camera Jungle Presents Velbon Ultrek UT 53D tripod

The Velbon Ultrek UT 53D is a travel tripod able to fold into less than 30cm, but can take 4kg, making it an excellent travel ...

VELBON Tripod in the Netherlands

Beautiful image shot in a typical Dutch environment with Velbon tripod. (Model: UT(Ultrek series ...

VELBON UT 63D Tripod

Velbon UT 63D Tripod. Official UK Distributor - Intro2020.

Velbon ULTRA Series

Really advanced technology is in the compact body, fits within business bag. Adjust 2nd leg locking part(foam grip) to shorten legs ...

Velbon UT 3AR Travel Tripod

UT-3AR, a travel tripod recommended for spring trips and mountain climbing. Product information http://bit.ly/VelbonUT3AR ...

Velbon VS-443 D tripod - hands on review

http://maxwell.com.au/velbon/index.html http://www.velbon.biz/product/VS/index.html Check out this adaptable, versatile all ...

☆携帯性抜群の三脚 Velbon UT-43Qがやって来た!☆

縮長272mmの驚異の三脚 UT-43Qの紹介です☆ この三脚はいいですよー(^^)/ Vebon UT-43Q ...

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