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Optoma HD26 projector color wheel replace tear down

I fix the noise my projector was making by replacing it's color wheel! Be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! It really helps! Visit my ...

DIY - Cleaning of HITACHI CP-X300 projector (lenses, mirrors...)

DIY - Cleaning of HITACHI CP-X300 projector (lenses, mirrors...)

Projector problem

Hello Penny, Hope You can resolve it (find a solution).

Toshsiba XP2 projector

Toshsiba XP2 projector.

Hitachi CP-X1250 / DT00601 Lamp Install

Hitachi LCD CP-X1250 Video projector lamp replacement. If you own one of these or anything that uses a DT00601 this will help ...

GAMING IS CRAZY ON THIS! - BenQ TH685 Gaming Projector

I've been blown away by this projector and had no idea gaming could be this insane! No screen or messy setup required. HDR ...

X343 - Wings of Liberty - 007 - Containment

Don't you want me, baby? Don't you want me, oooooohhhh? lol, what the heck am i writing in this description?

Como conectar un proyector

Paso a paso como conectar un proyector.

LG HU85LA Review - The Best 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

This is my super late review of the LG HU85LA, which is my pick for the Best Ultra Short Throw 4K Laser projector.

Máy chiếu Optoma ML750

Máy chiếu Optoma ML750 chính hãng. Tham khảo http://tanvietjsc.vn/may-chieu-optoma-ml750.html.

Best Projector 2019 - The Best Home Theater Projector Awards 2019

Here are my favorite home theater projectors in 2019. The video is broken into different categories based on price as well as the ...

Projector Filter Cleaning

How to clean your projector filter.

4K Home Theater UPGRADE - OLED TV to Laser Projector | Is it worth it? [4K HDR]

It's home theater upgrade time. I'll be replacing my LG OLED TV with an LG HU85LA Ultra Short Throw Laser 4K Projector. I'll ...

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