Проектор LG PH300 обзор – видео

LG ph300 projector...room lights on

Here I'm testing my LG pH 300 with and without lights on my room using my DIY screen. Projector running at full brightness (300 ...

LG PH300 unboxing - DLP projector

LG PH300 DLP projector unboxing 2014.12.27. Hungary Ubuntu, Kdenlive, Avidemux Latasha Lee - Get_Away ...

LG MiniBeam Projector PH300 : vidéoprojecteur mobile (smartphone & tablette)

IFA 2014 - LG Projector PW700. Retrouvez plus d'informations sur http://www.ilovetablette.com.

LG PH300 ....read description please

This is a short video testing the LG PH300 projector..please skip from 4:05 to 4:40 because a had a problem while recording.

PRAD: Hands on LG PH300

Test: http://www.prad.de/new/beamer/test/2015/test-lg-ph300.html Eindrücke die wir während unseres Tests zum Projektor LG ...

LG ph300 at 100 in

This is a short test running at 100 in just to see how it looks on a massive screen on a dark environment.

LG ph300 vs LG TV

I did a test comparing my TV against different projectors, the smart beam laser and the BenQ but now I compare same brands LG.

Lg ph 300 throw measure

One person ask me how big is going to be at 10ft (3mts) but want to see measures. So here we are trying to help people.

LG ph300 testing a new mix

Today I decide play a little with some paint and test my LG projector which is only 300 lumens.

LG ph300 testing the TV tuner

Watching my team match on my living room. Probando mi LG viendo América vs chivas.

LG ph300 at 100in test

I'm recording with my note 3. Dark room running at max 300 lumens. (Not a lot BUT enough for a dark room very accurate colors)

LG LED Projector PB63U / Sunpack 500D Tripod Review

Portable LED Projector with Built-in Digital TV Tuner PB63U.

Projector Mini LG Serasa Punya Bioskop Di Rumah

bisokop dirumah sendiri merupakan impian sebagian orang. Ada banyak cara untuk mewujudkan keinginan itu salah satunya ...

LG ph300- testing jaime mixes

Today I received my paints crown metalic mix and Frankenstein mix so I will compare both paints side by side on different ...

LG pf1500w left and LG ph300 right

On this video I want to show you that, you don't need a lot of lumens when you have a light control environment.

LG MiniBeam PH300 - Análisis en Español HD

Análisis a fondo del proyector MiniBeam PH300 de LG, un proyector portátil con batería integrada que nos ofrece múltiples ...

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