Проекционный экран Projecta ProScreen 4:3 ProScreen 280x213 обзор – видео

Golf Simulator Enclosures and Impact Screen - commercial or DIY? Finished or RAW material?

A short video discussing some considerations when building a golf simulator and showing a cheap and easy solution for ...

Microsoft Surface | Connect your Surface to external displays

In this demostration, see how to connect Surface Book to an external display using the new Surface Dock. Learn more here: ...

Not all ALR screens are created equal

A lot is happening in the ambient light rejecting screen category, but not all ALR screens are created equal. Check out 3 different ...

Duplicate Your Displays Or Use Passthrough - Dual PC Streaming Setups

Split your output or use capture device passthrough. This is a genuine dilemma that I'd be willing to bet just about every ...

ISE 2018: Milestone's Projecta Shows Off the Extensa Large Install Projection Screen

ISE 2018: Milestone's Projecta Shows Off the Extensa Large Install Projection Screen.

Apple TV - How To Mirror Your iPad Or iPhone Screen Onto A TV (2018 Update)

In this video, How To Mirror Your iPad Or iPhone Screen Onto A TV, we use the Apple TV to mirror the screen of any iOS device!

How to Build a DIY Projector Screen

For under $70, Griffin builds a classy 93-inch fixed projection screen! Also, where to buy cheap screen material—blackout ...

How to change the Aspect to fit the screen on a Panasonic TV

A guide to the various options for changing the picture size.

Hisense 'How-To' Series - Wirelessly cast to your Android TV

In today's video we will show you how to wirelessly cast photos from your phone to your Hisense AndroidTV.

SUPRA STV-LC22LT0070F - или вовсе не SUPRA? А, Ситилинк?

Не смогли мы не повесить на кухне ТВ - а значит настало время его купить... выбор пал на "российский тв из Кали...

Проекционные экраны, оценка и расчет качества изображения, взаимосвязи в системе проектор-экран

Запись вебинара Учебного Центра Digis от 29.04.2020 Ведущий: Артем Иванов, тренинг-менеджер по ProAV Тема: ...

Electric Projector Screens the Dalite Designer Contour Electrol

Save $60 at HTmarket.com use code: sale60off675 http://www.htmarket.com/electric-hdtv-projector-screen.html Great designer ...

Panasonic PT-EZ570 series Professional Installation Projector introduction!

Panasonic PT-EZ570, PT-EW630, PT-EX600, PT-EW530, PT-EX500, bright, ecological, projectors with excellent system flexibility.

Медиаплеер Dune HD TV 102

http://www.audiomania.ru/mediapleer/dune/dune_hd_tv-102.html Компактный сетевой медиаплеер Dune HD TV-102 выполнен ...

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